The problem: Roid Rage

Posted by Michael Jansen on

​​The problem: Roid Rage
Ever been so mad at your morning coffee being hot that you smashed the shit out of your kitchen wall? Roid rage is a myth, they said, you can’t blame steroids for being aggressive douche. 
The problem is: roid rage is not a myth. Studies like this one do kind of prove that SELF-REPORTED aggression on gear is a thing. Some animal studies even show that anabolic steroids can biologically alter your brain and boost the “aggression centers”. 
Side note: what the fuck they literally injected hamsters with steroids.
Solution: just chill. You’re not a hamster, OK? And we’re serious now. In this study we see that gear MAY trigger your irritability, mental distress and hostility, but steroids do NOT make you UNCONTROLLABLY aggressive, and it’s definitely not a GUARANTEED effect. Whatever the mental effects are — there’s nothing that will help better than self-control and basically being on high alert about your possible bursts.
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